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Research objectives

• Conducting critical studies of Algerian legal texts in comparison with international agreements and comparative laws in different countries.
• Studying topics of international interest and examining the extent to which they are legally framed in Algeria.
• Shedding light on Algeria’s positions as well as the international agreements it concludes with other countries or international organisations.
• Attempting to find appropriate legal solutions to all global phenomena that could compromise Algeria’s interests, such as the phenomena of illegal immigration, asylum, organized crime, and cybersecurity…etc
• Conducting studies and collective publications by members of the laboratory team on contemporary global developments, especially human rights issues.

Research Topics

The laboratory mainly discusses all the outlets through which international law can access to internal law, both substantively and procedurally.

Substantively, addressing the topics of:
• human rights, democracy, rights and freedoms, the rule of law in the constitutional aspect.
• Adaption of national criminal law with the rules of international criminal law and the challenge of joining the International Criminal Court.
• The Algerian economic and financial system in Keeping up with global requirements and the challenge of joining the World Trade Organization.
• The ability of the Algerian legal texts regulating international private aspects of life to accommodate the idea of Algeria turning from an origin state for the population into a receiving state, and the challenges of migration and asylum.
• Discussing the negotiating capacity of the Algerian delegations and studying ways to develop and improve it to ensure an honorable image of Algeria and to guarantee its interests within in of bilateral and multilateral international negotiations.
• Discussing ways to activate the role of the legislative authority in enacting Algerian laws that enjoy a degree of quality and originality that makes them a model for other countries to emulate.

List of Researchers

• Prof. KIRAM Mohammed Lakhdar
• Prof. BOUGHAZALA Mohammed Nacer
• Prof. SAAD ALLAH Omar
• Prof. MERAGHNI Hizoum Badreddine
• Asst. Prof. BELDJANI Ouarda
• Asst. Prof. NAROURA Mohammed
• Asst. Prof. CHERBI Mourad
• Asst. Prof. DJABER Salah
• Dr. KENTAOUI Abdallah
• Dr. KEMERCHOU El-hachmi
• Dr. HARRACH Ahlam
• Dr. BOUSSAHA Nadjet
• Dr. AMIRAT Adel
• Dr. SELEKH Mohammer Lamine
• Dr. HOUIDEG Atman
• Dr. GOUNNI Saadia
• Dr. DJERMOUN Mohammed Tahar
• Dr. KINA Lotfi
• Dr. Laraba Moncef Abd El-Aziz
• Dr. DIDI Ibrahim
• Dr. KORICHI Razika
• DS. BOUDANA Mohammed Ben Salah
• DS. BOUNOUA Bennour
• DS. RAMDHANI Mahfoud
• DS. SICHI Bassma
• DS. HAMIDI El-Hafnaoui
• DS. HAFNAOUI Attouci
• DS. NEDJAI Manal
• DS. ATIA Safa
• DS. HENKA Boubakker
• DS. BISSI Farid

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